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Music Video Competition

Fri, 2012-04-27 13:21 -- Tim Urban

I was going to make a video explaining my Music Video Competition for my song Someday, but I lost my voice so I had to just write it out. 

Here’s the deal. My song Someday is being released May 1st. I will be making a video of my own for the song. I thought it would be fun to have y'all make music videos as well to help spread the word about the song. So I came up with an idea to have a competition.

These are the rules. 

The competition will start May 1st and will end May 21st. 

Video’s can be whatever you want them to be as long as the use Someday as the background song and they aren’t offensive. 

There will be three winners. 

1. The video with the most views.

2. The video with the most likes. 

3. The video I think is the most creative and captures the idea of the song the best. 

The prize.

I will be posting the winning videos on my twitter and Facebook pages. 

I will be having a Skype video chat with each of the winners. Possibly even a live acoustic performance of Someday. 

So there you go!! Have fun with it and spread the word about Someday!!